Creating large content websites for government agencies


Creating large content websites for government agencies

Graph Code has worked for several government agencies that need to create or redesign their websites. These websites contain a lot of information mainly divided into PFD files, events, images, content pages. The goal is always to create a better product that improves the user experience and results in a higher quality web product.

The Challenge

Creating or redesigning a large website faces many challenges. First, understanding the client's requirements, doing a deep content inventory. Then developing a strong information architecture and engaging design that meets the needs of stakeholders and external users. Finally, developing the product, importing content, and testing the solution before going live.

Our Solution

We have created some important websites that combine large collection of documents, manage events, external links, people and other content. By using WordPress, we achieved a robust solution that satisfied the client's needs and consequently improved the community's experience with their websites.

What we did

Forward Pinellas
Advantage Pinellas
North Florida Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC)
Web design – Sun Coast Transportation Planning Alliance (SCTPA)
Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Ongoing Work


The Results

Over the past few years, our team has been at the forefront of designing and implementing robust, scalable, and secure websites that serve thousands of users. Our sites have proven their quality and robustness with performance and positive feedback. By leveraging the latest web technologies and user-centered design, we have facilitated smoother interactions between the government and the public, significantly reducing wait times and improving overall satisfaction.

From creation to implementation

We work with clients in the execution of effective branding strategies across all marketing channels, including social media, advertising, email marketing, and others. This includes creating content that is consistent with the brand's messaging and design guidelines.
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