Web Tool to manage Lane Closure requests


Web Tool to manage Lane Closure requests

Graph Code has developed a web application that manages the requests of Lane Closures for roadworks or similar infrastructure projects. It is a web-based application aimed at facilitating the efficient requesting, reviewing and approving a lane closure request. The system also helps with tasks such as planning, scheduling, and coordinating lane closures.

The Challenge

The FDOT District Six Traffic Operations Office was using a web application, Lane Closure Information System (LCIS), developed back in 2008 to facilitate the implementation of State’s lane closure policies by enabling the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to easily and efficiently coordinate, track, and broadcast lane closures internally and externally, within the agency and to the public, media, emergency responders, and others. This web application was outdated and in need of many changes due to several performance deficiencies.

Our Solution

After several meetings with the department, a new Lane Closure request system was developed, addressing all the current deficiencies, as well as providing a new feature that will offer a more accurate status of work in the field. The system has been in used since 2021 and has been improved with new functionalities and updated with a new interface.

What we did

Custom Web Development
Custom App Development

Ongoing Work

Platform Maintenance

The Results

Our custom-built Lane Closure Information System (LCIS) and Lane Closure Management Tool (LCMT) are web applications that improve traffic management by efficiently coordinating, tracking, and communicating lane closures internally and externally. The applications work seamlessly with the Google Map API and are optimized for the best user experience.

From creation to implementation

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